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Website Design Trends of 2020

We are at the end of 2019 and 2020 is going to arrive in a couple of days. Wondering how web design
trends are going to change in the upcoming. Let’s throw light on some of the upcoming web design
trends that are going to rule 2020.
The website design trends in 2020 are going to be a lot different from the present trends. It is going
to be a beautiful mixture of high quality and appealing visuals along with modern and high tech
technology. As a web designer, you need to be more creative to design appealing and interactive in
nature. So without wasting any further time, let's dig straight into the upcoming trends of 2020.

A mixture of illustration and photo

In 2020 a huge trend is going to be a combination of illustration and photos. Combining photos with
2D illustrations gives them an attractive look. It depends on the designer whether they are replacing a
part of the photo with an illustration or placing it as an overlay making a fun mixture of the two.

Black and White design

Black and white web design trend is not new but it will be a major trend of 2020. Black and white
designs are trends and classy and at the same time, it never goes out of trend. You can call it
evergreen. We will be seeing more of this elegant black and white website in the upcoming year.
These websites are going to be minimalist and will only contain a mixture of text and line art.

Gradients 2.0

Gradients were the trend of 2018 and 2019 and it will continue in 2020 as well. Gradients are amazing as they add depth to flat design. This makes flat design layouts more appealing and interesting in nature.

Bold Fonts

Bold fonts instantly draw your attention, this is why headlines are written using bold fonts. Bold fonts are another trend for 2020 as it creates a kind of contrast. However bold fonts are mainly used in mobile-based websites.

Retro Style

Remember the retro style web design don’t they look amazing? Well, yes, the trend of the 60s is going to be back in 2020. We will be experiencing the past in terms of web design in the upcoming year. The retro designs like duller color, noise, black and white photos, etc. are a great source of inspiration for the designer and they are once again going to rule the upcoming year.


The pattern was used a few years back however its popularity decreased in 2019. But it is going to make a huge comeback in 2020. What’s unique about this trend is that they are super cool and refreshing to the eyes and makes the website really interactive. In 2020 patterns are not going to be used in the entire website but it will only spread on a specific part of the website. This pattern could be anything either line art or font, typography, illustration, etc.

Maxi Typography

The minimalist design with maxi typography became very popular a few years back and you will find many websites using this design. The best thing about this trend is it never looks out of date and gives websites a refreshing feel. This classy design will be another major trend for the next year. Web designers are removing useless decoration and making their design simpler yet modern.

Line art design

Line art is very popular these days and they are used in different forms of graphic design. With the start of 2020 line art is also going to make its way in the field of web design. Websites that use line art design look amazing and super creative. They are really modern and professional and we will be seeing a lot of this modern trend in future.

3D design trend

Undoubtedly 3D designs look impressive and attractive. It holds the visitor on the website for longer duration making it a perfect trend for 2020. We will be seeing a different type of 3D designs like

Static 3D Design

The static 3D design is making use of smooth shape and mesmerizing colors. This type of design looks realistic and simple. Other elements of the design are kept minimalist to give the websites a clean and balanced look.

Interactive 3D design

Motion is going to be a new trend which will make the websites more engaging than ever. These interactive 3D effects are going to surprise us in 2020 and will hold the visitors for longer.

Web Innovations

With the development of technology, websites are becoming easier to use. Obviously, web innovations will be used in 2020 but the question is which one is going to be the trendiest?

Automated assistants

Thanks to AI and Voice user interface features it is now possible to lead a spoken conversation with devices. In 2020 we will be seeing a lot of websites with automated assistants and voice support features. It is not only amazing to talk and interact with the websites you are visiting but it will also be greatly beneficial to disabled people and will allow them to use the website effortlessly.


Chatbots are not going anywhere and they are going to be a major trend of 2020 as well. Thanks to
chatbots websites are going to be really conversational in nature. The benefit of using chatbots is that
it can solve most of the user queries and also guides them if they are facing any difficulty in using the
website. Advancement in AI is making the chatbots more useful and adequate than ever.

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