Leo Vegas Casino Web Design

leo vegas website design
At Webbizetc we love to analyze current web design trends to gain inspiration. The world of web design is continually changing. We must, therefore, stay up to date with design trends, and keep afoot of the latest ideas. As we have worked with a host of online casinos, we often check the most popular UK platforms to see what web design features they are using. We did this recently with leo vegas casino – this is one of the most popular gambling platforms in the UK and has a large customer base. In the paragraphs below, we share with you why their website has such a good design, and what features make it stand out.

What makes the Leo Vegas Casino website stand out?

So why is the Leo Vegas Casino website such a great site? We analysed virtually every aspect of their online casino and we chose four particular features that stood out:

A consistent, bold colour scheme

Firstly, we love the bold use of colour on this website. The symbol of Leo Vegas is a Lion. To complement this, they have used an orange colour scheme throughout. We feel this is effective for two reasons. Firstly, it ties in with the company logo and reinforces their brand. Secondly, it just looks attractive and makes the website exciting!

Impactful use of casino games

Casino games are obviously one of the most important aspects of an online casino. Leo Vegas does have a brilliant choice of games – you can play hundreds of slots, and they have some cool table games too. The main point is, however, is that they emphasize this. As soon as you load the casino homepage, you can see their selection of games – it shows what you can expect from the site and improves the excitement factor immediately. Also, they have a bold scrolling header article that showcases the popular Megah Moolah progressive jackpot game.

Clear use of responsible gambling text

We all know that the aim of online casinos is to make money. However, that doesn’t mean a casino can’t still be responsible. Leo Vegas Casino indeed promotes responsible gambling and makes this point clear. We feel this effective web design that boosts user confidence in the platform. By promoting responsible gambling, it shows that Leo Vegas Casino cares about its customers.

Clean, W3C compliant code

Finally, although you can’t see this, the LeoVegas Casino website also has fantastic web code. Their HTML5 and CSS code is clean and compliant with W3C standards. This means that it has quick loading times and that it can be read easily by search engines.

Effective web design is just one part of LeoVegas Casino’s success

These are just a few of the main website design features we picked out. Overall, the LeoVegas Casino website is excellent. It is one of the better designed online casinos in the industry. This is complemented by their brilliant array of features. For example, they have a great customer service team that is easy to contact. Moreover, as we mentioned, you can play hundreds of different games. Regardless of what you like to play, LeoVegas has something to suit your tastes. Also, they accept a great variety of payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller. This means that customers can quickly make payments and withdraw their winnings. We will continue to analyse gambling websites like LeoVegas Casino for inspiration. If you want to see how an online casino website should look – we advise checking out their platform today!